Taos SnowMansion Lodge Freindly Pet Policy

The Cats on premises

Meet Pumpkin and SnowCone!

Pumpkin and SnowCone live in the lodge.  Pumpkin is the mother figure. She maybe large but she is fast! She taught SnowCone everything she needs to know about being a cat.

Pet Policy:

Your Pets are welcome! 

  • There is a $15 one time charge to bring your pet.

  • Pets may not be left in rooms when owners not on premises.

  • We do reserve the right to charge $50 clean fee in the event of significant Hair or Soiling or minor damage.  Cost of major damage to be paid by pet owner.

  • Dogs not allowed on beds.  Dog hair or paws on bed will trigger $50 fee.

  • Pets must be leashed  or carried in all common areas and grounds. Dogs must cleaned up after and Cat owners must have litter box.